3 simple tips how to be dressed appropriate in between the cold and the warm season for leisure and work

The weather conditions outside are playing a very important role when you are getting dressed in the morning. No matter if we are going to work or if we are enjoying a sunny Sunday.  If it is hot we know that we can wear light dresses or blouses and if it´s cold we are more likely to wear a warmer jacket. Between the late winter and the early spring the weather is very volatile. The mornings are cold, during the day it can be quite mild and in the evening a bit of snow can appear. Last week I had a lady in the shop who was having a really hard time getting dresses appropriate in this interim period. She explained me that when she was bringing her daughter to the kindergarten, she tend to dress to warm because of the lower morning temperature and was sweating during the day. The temperature drama continues for the evening events that she has to participate sometimes. She felt that the outfit that she had chosen for the day was constantly wrong. Are you also familiar with this problem?

Working on this situation I found the brilliant blog article on Julies Dresscode fashion blog. https://cutt.ly/NrGRcp5. The topic is how we can wear our summer garments during the winter. I loved this article a lot, because it grabbed my attention immediately. The beautiful street wear pictures are very attractive to me. In addition to that you can style the looks very easily with garments that you already have at home. Julie points this out very carefully, that the combinations of what you already have is the key to a more exciting look and it saves budget. How more sustainable can it be?

With this 3 simple tips you can easily be dressed appropriate in between the cold and the warm season.

1.Layering: Wear some thinner garments over each other. For example combine a Ecovero T-shirt with an organic cotton blouse and a cardigan over each other before you choose your jacket or coat.

2.Choose accessories that can be easily be worn on different parts oft the body. For example style a scarf as a stole.

3. Combine thin summer garments with thicker winter clothes. Especially for evening events that can be very helpful. For example you can combine a long skirt that you would wear for summer with a warm coat. The Skirt is long enough to protect your legs and is light enough if the temperature suddenly rises. The coat can be worn not closes and only „thrown” over the should to get you a bit heat but not too much

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