CSR Strategy

We circle our CSR engagement around our localization strategy. Regional production solely in Austria, Germany and other EU member states supports creating value for local businesses, facilitates quality control, and guarantees a high degree of availability. Concerning our suppliers we look for certified fabrics from sustainable and/or organic production and fair work conditions.

CSR-Engagement at the work place

  • We do not differentiate by gender or hierarchy when it comes to assign tasks, but merely upon ability and time budget. That means that the head designer may perform tasks that are usually associated with interns, such as delivering goods or doing small sewing work.
  • In general and under the condition that deadlines are kept and tasks are completed, the time budget for each team member is flexible. S/he can independently set the duration of her/his break, as long as it’s responsible and doesn’t influence her/his tasks negatively. Team members can leave the atelier or consume organic coffee, tea, fruits or little snacks in house for free.
  • Networking is an important aspect of any business, especially in fashion. We encourage team members to engage in networking with guests, other designers, or business partners during fashion shows, shop openings or other events. Through networking new perspectives for both, the team member’s personal future and our business, open up.

CSR-Engagement for the society

  • We do not distinguish between age, gender, cultural background or sexual orientation when hiring colleagues or interns. We consider that as an important issue in the personal development of young people. For photo shootings we also hire newcomer models who are not yet registered at an agency to help them get started in the business. On the other hand we benefit from lower daily rates compared to full professionals.
  • We solely produce in Austria (~80%, mostly in Vienna), Germany and other EU countries. We value regional origin of our Materials, such as Loden from Styria, or Tencel-fabrics from Upper Austria (Lenzing), that secures local value creation and work places within Austria and Germany. For suppliers from other regions we trust in GOTS and fairtrade certificates. We understand that producing mainly in Austria is a unique feature of our label, and that this is only done by a few competitors.
  • We support the work of refugee-activist Ute Bock with our participation at the “Global Jacket Project”. At this social art project, initiated by a fellow designer, four jackets from different labels are sent out to the world to be worn by locals, following the device: “If fashion can cross borders, why can’t people?”